UPDATE: Important information about the 2020 State Mock Trial Competition


School Ranking

1st place: Dominion Christian School
2nd place: Ad Fontes Academy
3rd place: Bishop Ireton High School
4th place: Compass High School
5th place: George Mason High School
6th place: Lafayette High School
7th place: Loudoun Valley High School
8th place: Mathews High School
9th place: First Colonial High School A
10th place: Woodrow Wilson High School
11th place: First Colonial High School B
12th place: Virginia Beach Technical Ed Center

Best Witnesses and Attorneys

Best Attorneys
1. Chloe Konson (Defense) 20 Ranks
2. Rachel Smith (Plaintiff) 19 Ranks
3. Aldrin Yashko (Plaintiff) 19 Ranks
4. James Weichert (Plaintiff) 19 Ranks
5. Deni Arsenova (Plaintiff) 18 Ranks
6. Lexie Hiestand (Plaintiff) 18 Ranks

Honorable Mentions:
Owen Doughtery (Defense)
Molly Meere (Defense)

Best Witnesses
1. Elizabeth Bradshaw (Defense) 20 Ranks
2. Chris Rossi (Plaintiff & Defense) 19 Ranks
3. Dane Bryant (Defense) 18 Ranks
4. Max Dodson (Plaintiff) 17 Ranks
5. Rachel Smith (Defense) 17 Ranks
6. Krista Witcherman (Plaintiff) 16 Ranks

Honorable Mention:
Ian McPhail (Plaintiff)