VLRE Catalog

Course 101

Virginia High School Mock Trial Competition
For more information, see the VHSMTC page

The Virginia High School Mock Trial Competition provides Virginia Students with the opportunity to compete in a simulated trial experience. Mock trial, which is a model of product based learning, is a national educational competition that requires teams of six to ten students to not win a case on its merits, but instead deliver the best solution to a mock trial problem. Teams deliver their solutions to a panel of legal professionals in a simulated courtroom. The winner of the competition is eligible for advancement to the National High School Mock Trial Competition.


Course 102

Mock Trial as Project Based Learning (for educators)
Price: Free for educators

Do you want to learn how to make your classroom an authentic learning environment? This workshop introduces educators to the Virginia High School Mock Trial Competition as a model of project based learning. Topics covered in this workshop include understanding mock trial as project based learning, the benefits of project based learning, the benefits of community based learning via the application of professional guidance from the legal community, and the skills necessary to understand the problem, formulate a solution, and present that solution in an authentic learning environment (the American courtroom).


Course 104

The Twenty-First Century Courtroom
Price: $300

More than ever before, technology is being used in administrative, civil, and criminal cases throughout the United States. This workshop will introduce students to the basics of hands-on technology-enabled trial work using William & Mary Law School’s McGlothlin Courtroom, the world’s most technologically advanced courtroom as well as addressing in class discussion ethical, legal, and practical concerns growing out of technology use. Can counsel or a party investigate a juror’s social media account, friend the judge, or demand use of opposing counsel’s equipment on the grounds of indigency? This workshop includes a contested trial in which student counsel use evidence presentation technology. Mock trial experience is recommended but not required. Students must bring a laptop or tablet with internet connectivity. Chancellor Professor Fred Lederer, Director of William & Mary law School’s Center for Legal and Court Technology will assist with this workshop.


Course 105

“The Simple Truth” - Evaluating the accuracy of Information in the Age of the Internet and “Fake News”
Price: $150

In this workshop students will portray grand jurors investigating a possible crime. There is ample evidence available but what does the evidence REALLY mean? Is it sufficient for the grand jurors to return a true bill that will bring the suspect to trial? Will it be enough for YOU?