About VLRE

The Virginia Law Related Education Institute is a 501(c)(3) non-profit corporation organized to provide analytically based law related educational opportunities for our students. We accomplish our mission with the help of our Board of Directors and VLRE members, our partners and donors, and volunteers from the legal and education professions.

Our mission is to provide analytically-based law-related educational opportunities to students in Virginia and Washington D.C.

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Matthew Rossettini

Executive Director


Yoland Gao



VLRE Board of Directors

Executive Committee
Lee Smallwood, Esq., Chairman of the Board
Laura McVay, Esq. Vice Chair
Jonathan Bolls, Esq., Secretary
Jennifer S. Rossettini, Esq., Treasurer
Catherine Donnelly, Esq., Competition Chair

At-Large Board Members
Kristen Walinski, Esq.
Jenny Grove-Bradshaw
Guy Neal

Board Committee Chairs
Executive Committee: Lee Smallwood, Esq.
Finance Committee: Jennifer S. Rossettini, Esq.

Corporate and Tax Documents

VLRE Annual Reports

2016-2017 Annual Report